About Marcus

Marcus Bender-Mejia is an actor / writer / comedian / voice over artist from New York City.  He is half Peruvian, speaks fluent Spanish and grew up with whole bunch of languages and unique characters for him to play with.  Before acting, Marcus was a sane person and had an exciting life living in Barcelona, Spain for 3 wonderful years.

Marcus can be seen on Orange Is The New Black as Red’s son Maxsim as well as on IFC and Funny Or Die.  You can also hear his voice on Pepsi / NFL radio.  Catch Marcus improvising regularly throughout the city with his team The Cocky Nobodies, the greatest improv team in the world - in their humble opinions.

Marcus also has a knack for accidentally finding himself at private parties and events.  He does not know why this happens, but it’s given him lots of stories that he’d love to share with you.